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Top 10 tips for protecting yourself online

top 10 tips for protecting yourself online

Hacking can happen to anyone, the Internet can be a dangerous place these days. However, taking simple actions can help prevent attacks. Here are ten tips to protect you online:

  1. Never share your log in details with anyone.
  2. Set strong passwords (mix of characters and numbers) and change them every 3 months. Never use a password that anyone could guess.
  3. Set user access to prevent changes to specific data.
  4. Do not click unknown links & verify the senders’ email address.
  5. Do not leave notes on your workplace regarding passwords or important data.
  6. Never access important/private data on public wifi.
  7. Always oversee any remote access to your machine.
  8. Set a security question to prevent unauthorised changes to your login credentials.
  9. Always lock your machine when leaving your desk unattended.
  10. Be aware of any devices physically connected to your machine.

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