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Why must you Consider Online Invoicing Today

What has been your approach towards invoicing? Do you still manually set them up or have a software or tool that, well, doesn’t take up much of your workload? Well, you can still get by with a handful of invoices with the manual approach but will find a large volume of invoices hard to handle. Think of the time and effort in setting up a flawless invoice and multiply that with the volume — you are already staring at a daunting task. Why not choose the smart way to set up invoices – online invoicing? Set up, search and track large volumes of invoices quickly and flawlessly, save time and effort, set recurring invoices and unlock the brand ambassador within the invoice. Interested? Read on.

The various benefits of an online invoicing software are described below.


Online invoices offer templatised invoice layouts that you can customise for different customers. Reputed cloud-based accounting systems like Surf Accounts let you quickly set up multiple invoices within a short time period, for example during a busy or festive season. And, you do not need to even manually enter most of the information – your easy-to-use accounting software stores them already.

More accurate

Set up multiple invoices by just choosing data that your accounting software already stores. For example, customer and supplier records and products. When you select records, their associated data are auto populated in the invoice layout. Your online invoicing software considers the net value and the GST and gives the gross value. The software ensures you do not enter invalid data or miss out on essential information.

Timely payments

Improve the chances of timely receipts and payments with clear payment terms and invoice tracking. Just set up invoices and share quickly over email. The accounting software tracks outstanding balances over a period that allows you to identify long due receipts or payments.

Recurring invoices

Think of invoices that you need to set up to charge a customer or pay a supplier regularly – weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. What is your approach? Manual or automatic? Accounting systems like Surf Accounts allow you to set up invoices that recur at specified frequencies. Set up once and let it auto-recur at the time of your choosing. You can also update, remove or skip a recurrence, if you need.

Tracking and searchability

Be it one or one lakh invoices, find the invoice you need and its associated details in a jiffy. Just provide your accounting software a clue about the invoice you need – reference number, date, customer or the supplier name – and you have it, pronto!

Brand promotion

Let loose the brand ambassador in your invoices. Your online invoicing software offers multiple invoice templates or layouts, choose the most appropriate one, customise and stylise it. Put your brand logo or message, select the most appropriate layout and even add custom information, for example, your customer’s birthday.

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