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How To Allocate a Supplier Payment

Allocating the supplier payment is an option both within the payment itself and separately from the payment listing, by clicking the inline submenu arrow and selecting ‘Allocation’, below:

supplier payments


What is allocating?
Allocating is where you identify which invoices are being paid by a payment e.g. you could be paying just one invoice with a payment or you could be paying several invoices with the one payment, also you could be part paying one invoice with a payment.

There are three different ways to allocate the payment:

  • By typing the amount you wish to allocate into the ‘Pay’ box
  • By ticking the to the far right of the invoice row
  • By clicking on the ‘Auto’ box (this will allocate the receipt to the oldest invoice)

A payment can also be allocated over several invoices/credit notes.

Click ‘Save’ once you have completed your allocation, the ‘Amount Left to Allocate’ should be Zero.

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