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How to set up Connection with your Bank using Surf Accounts

Connect your Surf Accounts data to your bank account(s) for better management of your business transactions and GST reporting. Eliminate the arduous task of reconciling transactions vis a vis bank statements. By connecting the accounting software to your bank, you can straightway pull in all the receipts and payments from your bank statements instead of having to enter them manually. You can rename the bank account you have selected according to your business needs, add nominal codes, select only the transactions that are associated to your business and integrate them with your general ledger and many more.

Follow these simple steps to establish connection with your bank account

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Step 1: Setting up your account placeholder

  • By selecting Banking, you will be redirected to the bank accounts set up page where you will find the default accounts types.
  • You can either keep them or modify the types by renaming them. For example, if you want to set up a capital account for your business you can do so. Similarly, you can separate your earnings from your expenses by setting up individual accounts for each.
  • Choose the bank(s) you wish to integrate with Surf Accounts India.
  • Now set up a nominal code for your bank(s) or use the default code.
  • Step 2: Establishing connection with your bank account

  • Simply select the bank account(s) and enter your net banking credentials to integrate your bank account(s) with Surf Accounts.
  • On entering your log in details, you will be redirected to your real bank and the accounts associated with them. In case you have more than one account with the bank and wish to keep only one, you can remove the one you do not require.
  • By clicking the ‘Link another account’ option, you can integrate another bank account.
  • After setting up your bank account using the accounting software, you will now be able to view the account(s) with the last 4 digits and can import the associated bank feed. You can select the dates for which you wish to view the transactions and tally them with your Surf Accounts books.

    Bank connections are not really for ease of reconciliation, they are primarily targeted to reduce user inputs of the receipts and payments and thus eliminating the need to reconcile transactions vis a vis bank statements

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