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Why do you need to Integrate your Bank with Surf Accounts?

By integrating your bank with Surf Accounts, you can bring prime focus to the transactions pertaining to only your business and manage them in an orderly fashion. Pull in bank feeds of both receipts and payments to eliminate the need to enter them manually in your books. You can import your transactional history either directly or via a CSV file using the accounting software. Your accountants can tally live business transactions with your general ledger, saved online, to get a better picture of tax liabilities.

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Here are the reasons in detail as to why you must integrate your bank with Surf Accounts.

1. Easy set up: With Surf Accounts you can integrate your bank account with your books within seconds. Simply choose the bank you wish to set up and connect with just your net banking credentials. You can modify the bank account type and the nominal code to suit your requirements.

2. More focused: You might set up a business account(s) already in use. However, with Surf Accounts India you can only focus on those transactions which are directly related to your business, like earnings received from customers, expenditures gone into replenishing stock or paying suppliers and so on. Select and import only the bank feeds directly associated to your business for better clarity and focus.

3. No manual labour: By establishing connection with your bank using an accounting software, you no longer must enter every payment received and payment disbursed manually. Simply import transactional details either directly or via a CSV file. You can even set rules in your bank feed against transactions to auto-populate those account codes.

4. Better management: Streamline your receipts and payments. For example, once you allocate payments to your suppliers from your customer receipts, you can open your bank account to record the same in your transactions. Add account codes, reference numbers, customer/supplier names against transactions for easy identification and better management of your accounts. You can also enter appropriate account code against each transaction and change the notes as required or split a transaction into several categories.

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