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Why must Accountants get a Cloud-based Accounting Software Today

By using a cloud-based accounting software you can complete tasks with clarity and half the effort. Minimize data entry, optimize time and increase accuracy.

Get access to your client data remotely, anywhere and anytime. Get all the features you require to accomplish accounting responsibilities with superior data security.

Save time by reducing client visits, and utilize the time saved to acquire more clients! Read in detail how you can benefit from a cloud-based accounting software.

Cloud Hosted Accounting Software


An on-premise accounting software might limit you in some way as firstly, it is location dependent and secondly, it probably works on a single-user license mode. However, with a cloud-based accounting software you can log in to your database regardless of time and space, using any device including your smart phone or tablet, collaborate with multiple clients and increase flexibility. Become proactive, adjust your schedule according to needs, take your work anywhere and take charge of responsibilities without delay.


Dealing with last-minute clients is hectic and could increase the complexities of accounting, especially during tax season. Why not change the approach and take charge of your work instead? Get your clients to manage their books on a cloud-hosted accounting software where you can log in to get access to accounting data like day end closings, transactions, balance sheets status, accruals etc. at your convenience.


By moving your client’s books to cloud, you can complete your tasks even remotely, thereby reducing client visits. You also save a lot of time by minimizing manual data entry to a great degree. Unlike a non-cloud accounting software, you don’t have to enter financial data from scratch, instead it is made available to you online.


With the time consumed per client reduced, you can now expand your bandwidth and accommodate more work. Besides, all the work on the software front is handled by the cloud service provider, so there’s no installation, maintenance, upgradation costs involved. You can focus on your task without facing any disruptions as the remote software team is constantly working to ensure smooth operations.

Data Security

You can either turn your accountant firm or your private office into a James Bond movie set with all the hi-tech mumbo jumbos to provide impenetrable security to your crucial data, or maintain client data on a cloud-based software that uses robust data centres such as Microsoft Azure. Learn about Azure’s compliance offering in India.


All the advantages of a cloud-hosted accounting software can be summed up to conclude that you can do your task with an efficiency far greater. You can now reduce the tremendous pressure that builds up during tax season by segmenting your tasks in a better fashion owing to unbridled accessibility to your client data like income, gains, expenses, payments et al, minimized manual entry, reduced downtime, and the complete elimination of software-related pain points.

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